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Keep Your Water Heater Working Properly

Choose us for water heater maintenance in Garner, Clayton or Raleigh, NC

Most homeowners don't put a lot of thought into water heater maintenance, but a few simple water heater services can go a long way towards preventing future problems. If you need water heater maintenance in Garner, Clayton or Raleigh, NC, turn to 2AM Plumbing Inc.

Our experienced technicians will inspect your water heater and suggest any necessary repairs. Preventive maintenance will keep your water heater in good condition for years. Call today at 919-585-2324 to make an appointment.

What to expect from your maintenance appointment

By keeping up with water heater maintenance, you can greatly extend the life span of your water heater. That's why you should hire 2AM Plumbing for water heater services. We will:

  • Check the pressure relief valve
  • Drain sediment from tank
  • Make sure everything works properly

If we find a problem, we'll fix it before it gets worse. Schedule a water heater maintenance appointment today.